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  FREE Totopos (Tortilla Chips And Dip) When You Spend Over £15 (Collection Only, When Ordered Through Tierra's Website - Show Your IB App On Arrival To Redeem)

We need to taco ’bout something.

In case you didn’t get the hint, this one is all about tacos. The humble Mexican street food dish has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years and we are HERE FOR IT. We love tacos. Load them up with tasty toppings and we’ll be there ready to devour them. If you’re a taco fan too, we have the MOST exciting news for you.

Introducing Tierra.

Found within Cork & Cage in Stirchley, Tierra is the taco shop you NEED in your life.

Tierra is the new baby from the legends behind cult favourite bao bun joint, Tiger Bites Pig. We shouldn’t really need to tell you anything else for you to be leaping out of your seats and heading straight to Stirchley, but just in case you’ve somehow managed to miss the memo that the guys behind TBP are utter legends, allow us to fill you in. They’re utter legends. Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about tacos.

At Tierra they’re all about the tacos. Expect traditional tacos and sides, cooked to perfection. The handmade corn tortillas are made fresh each day using the very best masa (corn flour, to the uninitiated) that can be found, to ensure the very best tortillas around.

The menu is kept simple, featuring four insanely delicious tacos along with a handful of sides and totopos (chips and dips). For the tacos, choose between the equally mouth-watering Carnitas (pork), Mole Beef, Baja Fish and Chicken Tinga (or order one of each if you’re doing this whole taco thing properly). There are two tasty vegan tacos available too – carnitas made with jackfruit and Baja bish. Mmmmmm!

When it comes to sides, Tierra have kept things simple and traditional here too. Enjoy Elotes (Mexican corn with chipotle butter, parmesan, oregano), Frijoles (black beans, smoked crema, crumbly Lancashire cheese), Slaw, and Salsa. Any of these sides is a worthy companion to your chosen tacos, and we highly recommend trying them all (when we come to feast, we come to FEAST!).

Tierra was born through the TBP team’s love of all things Mexican. Having operated out of Cork & Cage during lockdown, the teams were keen to work together on something new and exciting going forward. Having felt there was a gap for a truly great taco restaurant, they decided that Tierra was the way forward (the best thing to come out of lockdown since banana bread).

The rules are simple: book yourself a table, turn up, order your epic tacos and sides on the tick sheet provided, hand over said tick sheet to your server, and then wait in eager anticipation for the feasting to ensue. Drinks can be ordered separately from Cork & Cage (hello craft beer and natural wine – the taco combo of our dreams).

If this sounds right up your street (and it definitely should, who doesn’t love incredible tacos?!), your next step is to book yourself a table. Bookings are essential and taken through Cork & Cage, where you can book a time slot for multiples of 2 people. Go get booking and get your Mexican feast on.

Now offering Independent Birmingham Members: FREE Totopos (Tortilla Chips And Dip) When You Spend Over £15 (Collection Only, When Ordered Through Tierra’s Website – Show Your IB App On Arrival To Redeem)