Here at IB, we love a bit of door porn – a highly photogenic door that you just really want to look inside.

The humble door may not be everyone’s first choice of photographic subject, but how often do we actually stop and take the time to look (and we mean really look) at the simplest things around us. We take these doors and windows we see every day for granted, and yet we can often find such beauty in the most basic of places.

This is exactly what talented local photographer, Chris Fletcher, has done. In his latest series of shots, Chris has focused solely on doors and windows and explored the hidden architecture of the Jewellery Quarter – one door at a time. The Jewellery Quarter is well-known for its incredible architecture and amazing buildings tucked away down side streets. The devil is in the detail, as they say, and Chris decided to focus purely on the doors and windows to see what hidden gems he could uncover.

Chris first picked up a DSLR camera back in 2011, but it was only in 2015 that he began to capture the city on his doorstep. Alongside his passion for nature and landscape photography, Chris has been rediscovering his city through his lens. Through his love of travel, Chris had discovered many beautiful doors all over the world, which brought him full circle to see if he could find similar door porn in Birmingham. Starting with these shots from the iconic JQ, Chris intends to explore this project across other areas of the city too. So, watch this space for even more door porn!

Hidden gems come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

This gatehouse-style architecture on Legge Lane makes for a very impressive shot of an imposing doorway.

We love the original doors and windows so often found around the JQ. Here, Chris has captured these fabulous arched frames, on Frederick Street, beautifully.

The symmetry of these two arched frames on Caroline Street is very aesthetically pleasing. The objects on the windowsills help add detail to a simple shot.

These industrial style windows on Camden Street create a stunningly simple, yet striking, shot.

This one might just be our favourite – how unusual to have three doors so close together. But these three similar doors create an amazing composition, on Pitsford Street.

This beautifully tonal shot shows a more modern style of architecture, but still retaining the JQ vibe.

Taking a break from close-ups of doors and windows, this wider shot encapsulates several styles of doors and windows and highlights the jewellery making heritage of the area.

Faded shutters and window frames provide a vintage feel and showcase the disused buildings waiting to be reinvigorated.

The varying heights, widths and sizes of the doors in the JQ are ideal for photo composition.

Contrasting the old window frames with the new, more modern, parking sign.

There can often be no uniformity to the door sizes and shapes, even within the same building.

If you like what you see here, make sure you go and check out more of Chris’ work on his website – then get out there and explore the wonderful architecture of the JQ, one door at a time!