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A slice of luxury within the beautiful suburb of Edgbaston.

Introducing Baloci.

Located on Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Baloci is the Indo-Persian fine dining restaurant, cocktail bar and boutique hotel, serving up delicious dishes in a luxurious setting.

Locations don’t get much better than this. The stunning Georgian building (that used to be home to The Edgbaston) is now home to a beautiful, luxurious boutique hotel, fine dining restaurant and cocktail lounge. If you enjoy the finer things in life, in a gorgeous setting, then this place is most definitely for you. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or you just feel like a fancy date night, this place is the perfect place for all of your celebrations, however big or small.

Baloci is primarily a fine dining restaurant, where you can enjoy tantalising tasting menus that will take your tastebuds on a delicious journey celebrating the tastes of the Silk Road. For this distinctive dining experience you can choose between the 6- or 8-course menus, both equally delicious.

The name Baloci is inspired by the Baloch tribes who navigated the regions along the Silk Road (through Turkey, Iran, Balochistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India). These tribes survived by adapting to the diverse climates they encountered and adopted the various cultures they encountered. The menu at Baloci is designed to reflect this with a menu that blends the regional cuisines of these different territories.

The Silk Road tasting menu at Baloci is filled with flavour-packed dishes designed to delight all of your senses. From olive oil-poached sea bass to slow braised lamb with warming spices, and rich and creamy butter chicken, there are so many crowd-pleasing plates of food on the menu, with a vegetarian tasting menu available too. If you’d prefer, an A La Carte menu is available Sunday – Friday with highlights such as Kabuli Pulao (tender lamb in aromatic rice with honey-glazed carrots, golden raisins, cashew nuts) and Imperial Makhani (succulent chicken breast in a creamy butter sauce, with rich flavours and signature spices).

Before or after your dining experience, why not extend the evening with some mouth-watering cocktails in the Blou Lounge. Here you’ll find a selection of signature cocktails, alongside classic cocktails and non-alcoholic versions too. The signature concoctions feature complimentary flavours to the food menu with aromatic spices, herbs and more adding to the complex and intriguing flavours. Enjoy delights such as Spice Route (Coconut Washed Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky, Sauternes, White Vermouth, Mango, Bay Leaf, Cardamom) or Nomad Elixir (Sapling Climate Positive Vodka, Arte Blue Vodka, Elderflower, Lychee, Mint, Lime, Elderflower Tonic Water). Of course, for the non-cocktail fans there are plenty of other options both alcoholic and non, including beers, wines, soft drinks and more.

For an alternative dining experience, book in for a delightful Afternoon Tea instead. With a choice of Traditional or Champagne Afternoon Tea, this is a lovely choice for a special occasion. Featuring a selection of savoury bites, an assortment of Indo-Persian inspired sweets, and, of course, scones with jam and cream, alongside a choice of speciality teas or coffees, this is a truly indulgent and enjoyable experience.

The décor in the main restaurant of Baloci is luxurious and opulent with a strong red theme. The red with gold accents throughout give an unmistakable air of decadance, with crystal chandeliers and plush velvet seating complementing the luxury feel. In the Blou Lounge, the décor is (perhaps, unsurprisingly) blue. With blue lighting casting an ethereal glow over the marble tables and soft velvet furnishings. Designed with relaxation and sophistication in mind, this is a calm and yet decadent space in which to indulge in well-crafted cocktails.

Extend your experience with a stay in one of Baloci’s beautifully decorated rooms, with the added bonus being that next morning’s breakfast is an absolute knock-out. Whether you go just for dinner, just for drinks, just for Afternoon Tea, or you go all out with dinner, drinks, an overnight stay and breakfast the next day – Baloci is an experience that needs to be on every foodie’s list.

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