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Desserts, glorious desserts. 

If, like us, you’ve got a serious sweet-tooth and suffer from daily cravings of the sugar variety, then put down that overwhelmingly mediocre chocolate bar and read this. We’ve got somewhere new and exciting for you to indulge that sweet-tooth of yours. 

Introducing The MilkCake Man. 

Located in Kings Court (nestled in the heart of Kings Heath), The MilkCake Man is the answer to all of your questions. So long as your questions revolve entirely around incredible independents that serve moreish soft serve ice cream topped with extravagance and a whole heap of EXTRA. 

Everything in this playhouse of desserts is designed to be eye-catching (and highly Instagrammable), but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s all style over substance – because it’s not, it’s style AND substance, and something more.

With a focus on soft serve ice creams and milk cakes (we’ll get to those tasty bites later), The MilkCake Man takes the traditional soft serve and elevates it to a completely new level. With ever-changing weekly flavours and specials (thus making every visit to this glorious cafe new and exciting), it’s hard not to go totally feral in this stunning cafe and order everything on the menu. But we’d forgive you if you did, and applaud. Soft serve flavours include the likes of: Piña Colada topped with honeycomb, charcoal coconut and vanilla, matcha, bubblegum and vanilla. Basically they’re all mega tasty and you just need all of them in your life. 

One of the truly stand-out serves in this palace of soft serves, this altar to decadent desserts, is The Cherry Blossom. An eye-catching combination of ice cream, topped with chocolate soil and a Flake adorned with pink fluffy candy floss – we’re hailing this as Birmingham’s most photogenic dessert. And quite frankly, you need to go grab yourself one.

In addition to this ode to the cherry blossom, their Biscoff taco pancakes also need to be very high up (i.e. next) on your ‘mouth-watering things to eat in Birmingham’ list. A fun twist on the savoury street food staple we all know and love, the taco (don’t get us started on tacos, we’ll talk about them all day long), the Biscoff taco pancakes take our favourite mechanism for ingesting food and replaces the savoury with the sweet – a pancake tortilla, filled with cream cheese and fresh fruit, and then drizzled in Biscoff (with a Biscoff shot to accompany it). Fun, innovative, delicious – it sums The MilkCake Man up perfectly. 

Being The MilkCake Man it would be crazy (crazy we say!) for them to not specialise in milk cakes. And, you guessed it, they do. But ‘what is a milk cake?’, we hear you ask. Essentially it’s a sponge cake that is topped with anything that tastes amazing (think Lotus Biscoff, pistachio, Nutella, 24k saffron) and then flavoured milk is poured over the top and surrounds the sponge in a delicious milky moat. Sound intriguing? You bet! Tasty too. Very, very tasty. 

In addition to epic desserts, The MilkCake Man also serves a range of drinks to keep your lonely desserts company. We love iced coffee, and so does The MilkCake Man – so Spanish iced lattes are the name of the game, and if you twisted our arm we’d have to tell you the pistachio Spanish iced latte is our fave. Add optional ‘Unicorn Milk’ to any iced latte to create a multi-coloured affair that, as with everything in The MilkCake Man, needs to go directly onto your Instagram feed. 

Marble topped counters, cosy pink interiors, plush pink seating, and glorious cherry blossoms adorning the walls and ceiling – The MilkCake Man is absolutely as dreamy in person as it sounds. All that’s left for you to do now is to visit and discover your new favourite cafe and dessert haven. Quickly, to The MilkCake Man! 

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