Crushes come and go, but true love lasts a lifetime.

Whilst lovers flit in and out of our lives, the love we have for our city remains constant and true. Seasons come and go, but we stay here through it all, admiring the changes as the years tick by. We visit other cities, but none of them compare to you, our darling Brum. Let this be an ode to you, our first love, our only love. Call us soppy old romantics if you will, but we wrote this from the heart.

Photo Credit: Verity Milligan

The second city you may be,

but first in my heart, you are to me.

Not as big as the capital,

but to me you have it all.

From pigeon park to Edgbaston Reservoir,

those green spaces are never far.

From coffee and cake, to my favourite: brunch,

you cater for all, and here’s the crunch,

it’s not just branches of national chains,

it’s the small indie business that stake their claims,

tucked down side streets, off the beaten track,

it’s these places that keep me coming back.

The places where the server knows your name,

and the places where your order’s always the same,

the places who fill my heart with joy,

are the ones the big chains can never destroy.

The ones who bring life and light to the city,

the ones whose stories are a little bit gritty.

The ones who have fought for their place on the street,

the ones whose passion you can feel with every beat,

of this city’s multicultural heart.

Photo Credit: Verity Milligan

The street food and the Michelin stars,

the taprooms and the cocktail bars,

the plethora of different cuisines,

that regularly pop up in travel magazines.

The craft beer breweries with queues down the street,

the impossible choice of where to eat.

The proud Brummie people make this city shine,

a part of you will always be mine,

my dear Birmingham, you have my heart,

from day one until death do us part.

In the spring time the blossom on Oozells Square,

makes all the visitors stop and stare.

In the summer, we bathe by the church of St Paul’s,

as we listen to the laughter and the seagulls’ calls.

In autumn we watch as the leaves turn to gold,

then carpet the floor, what a sight to behold.

In winter we wrap up and sip on hot drinks,

as the canals turn to ice like a skating rink.

To me you are beautiful, whatever the season,

to stay in Brum, I don’t need another reason.

Photo Credit: Ross Jukes

From the centre to the suburbs and all in between,

there’s old architecture that rarely gets seen,

next to quirky new buildings that spring up in no time,

changing the look of your wondrous skyline.

But there’s still well-known landmarks aplenty,

The Rotunda, Old Joe, I could name twenty.

From the creative hub in The Custard Factory,

to the Balti Triangle, each place tells a story,

from China Town to the Jewellery Quarter,

our love for Brum knows no borders.

When I’m here, I’m never alone,

Birmingham, you’re forever my home.

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