No doubt you will have heard all about Birmingham on social media and from your out-of-town friends.

It’s all true. Birmingham is a terrible place – rife with unfriendly locals, dirty streets and terrible food. Here’s 50 reasons why you should stay away. Seriously folks, it’s really not worth it.

The city is disgusting.

Birmingham Skyline (photo: Ross Jukes)

I mean, look at it.


Birmingham Skyline (photo: Ross Jukes)

There’s nothing pleasant about it at all.


Fox Hollies Park (photo: Verity Milligan)

It’s just a concrete jungle with no parks to be found.


Lickey Hills (photo: Verity Milligan)

There’s not a canal in sight.

Birmingham’s canals (photo: Ross Jukes)

And great architecture? You won’t find any of that here.


Birmingham Symphony Hall (photo: Verity Milligan)

Nope, none whatsoever. It’s all just plain, old concrete in Birmingham.


The Cube (photo: Ross Jukes)

It’s like this city is bereft of cultural history.


Victoria Square (photo: Verity Milligan)

Or culture of any kind.

The iconic Aston Hall

There are definitely no museums in Birmingham.

Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery

We all know the best artists and art galleries are based down in London, right?


The internationally renowned Ikon Gallery (photo: Verity Milligan)

Street art? Never heard of it.


Street Art, The Custard Factory

We already told you there’s no artwork to be found in Birmingham!


Street Art (photo: Ross Jukes)

There’s absolutely zero creativity here. None whatsoever.

The Custard Factory (photo: Fraser McGee)

Independent clothes stores? You must be having a laugh.


Liquor Store, Colmore Row

A Zero Waste Supermarket? Don’t have one of those either.

The Clean Kilo, The Custard Factory

Independent Cinemas? Why would we have any of those?

The Electric Cinema, the UK’s oldest working cinema (photo: Joe Flynn Photo)

This city is just a desolate wasteland.


The Birmingham skyline (photo: Ross Jukes)

Nothing ever goes on in Birmingham.


Birmingham Seasonal Markets, The Bond

We never have fun. It’s all just doom and gloom.

Ghetto Golf Birmingham

And festivals, we don’t do them. Ok?

The Independent Birmingham Festival at Aston Hall

Why would you ever be proud of this city?

Birmingham Pride

The musical heritage of this city really sucks.

Black Sabbath, the founders of heavy metal

There’s definitely nowhere awesome to watch live music.

Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath

And independent record stores? We definitely don’t have any of those.

Swordfish Records

We already told you! No one ever has fun here – ever.

The Night Owl

Fine dining? It’s all just greasy takeaway joints here.

Opheem – one of five Michelin Star restaurants in Birmingham

You won’t find anything tasty in this city, so don’t even try.

Bao Buns at Tiger Bites Pig

And forget diversity. All of the food is the same.


The Platter, Antep Turkish Cuisine

So if you want a curry, you’ll have to go someplace else. You won’t find one here. (And while you’re at it, stop asking us if we invented the Balti. That never happened, ok?)

Al Faisals, The Balti Triangle

We already told you, there’s no diversity here.

Hong Kong Brunch – Chung Ying Cantonese

And Vegans? There’s nothing here for you either. So stay away.

Buddha Bowl – Medicine Bakery + Gallery

Got a sweet tooth? Too bad, we don’t do desserts.

Double Decker Pain Au Chocolat by The Early Bird Bakery

Street food? Never heard of it.

Lamb taco, Low ‘N’ Slow (photo: The Fat Foodie UK)

Seriously, we don’t do it here.

Thai Crispy Chicken, Buddha Belly (photo: Patty Master)

Don’t get us started on independents.


Medicine Bakery And Gallery, New Street

We don’t have any, so get over it.

Bonehead (photo: Jake’s Food Bible)

There’s certainly not a decent cup of coffee to be found in the city.

Quarter Horse Coffee

And don’t get us started on the bar scene – it’s dead. There’s simply nowhere to go out in an evening.


The Prince of Wales, Moseley

Seriously, there is nowhere at all to get a decent cocktail.

40 St. Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter, named the best gin bar in the world

So don’t even try and have fun! It won’t work.

The Pineapple Club

Craft beer? Never heard of it.

Dig Brew Co., River Street

You won’t find a single microbrewery here.

GlassHouse Beer Co.

And beer gardens, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all right?

The Old Crown, Digbeth

Seriously! We told you. Birmingham’s Beer Scene Is Terrible. There’s Absolutely Nowhere You Can Enjoy Great Tasting Beer here.

Burning Soul Brewery

And a nice glass of wine? You must be joking, there aren’t any wine bars in this city.

Arch 13

We already told you, there’s no fun to be had in this city – so just accept that and move on.


St Patrick’s Day festival at The Old Crown, Digbeth

Seriously, why would you ever want to visit Birmingham?


Gas Street Basin (photo: Verity Milligan)

How could you ever be proud of a city that looks like this?

The Birmingham skyline (photo: OCUK Photography)

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