It’s about to get all kinds of mouth-watering up in here!

Here at Independent Birmingham we strive to bring you the greatest of everything from in and around our fantastic city. We love discovering new places, new favourite dishes and beautiful plates of food. We know that you lovely Brummies (and those beyond) love your food just as much as us, so just for you we’ve curated an ultimate guide on how to completely ruin your diet (what diet?!) in Birmingham. So, in no particular order, scroll down for the ultimate food porn.

Warning: this article will make you VERY hungry and may result in loss of money due to purchasing of all the food.

Smoked Brisket Chilli Cheese Bun – Low ‘N’ Slow (Well, Anything From Low ‘N’ Slow)

Photo: Patty Master

IB Deal: 50p off each street food dish at DDC.

Beef Shin Calzone – Baked In Brick

IB Deal: 15% off the bill.

Double HotHead Burger – BoneHead

Photo: Jake’s Food Bible

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Paella – El Borracho De Oro

IB Deal: 20% off food (Monday – Friday) AND a bottle of house wine for just £10 (Wednesdays only).

Crispy Prawn With Eel Futomaki – Gaijin Sushi

IB Deal: 10% off the bill (all day Wednesday – Thursday and Saturday from 1pm – 4pm)

Pizza – Dig Brew Co.

IB Deal: 2-for-1 on all pizzas AND 20% off all merchandise.

Nutty Brownie – Beki’s Brownies

Photo: Patty Master

IB Deal: 50p off each street food dish at DDC.

Pastel De Nata – Salcooks

Meat And Cheese Board – Arch 13

IB Deal: 10% off food.

Oh Bollocks! – The Wilderness

IB Deal: 10% off the bill (Wednesday dinner, Thursday lunch and dinner, and Friday lunch).

Braised Beef Shin, Chilli & Black Vinegar, Shiitake Mushroom And Cured Egg Yolk Bao – Tiger Bites Pig

Photo: The Fat Foodie UK

Nachos – Bodega Bar Y Cantina


IB Deal: 20% off food (3 – 6pm, Monday – Thursday, and all day Sunday).

Sunday Lunch – The Old Crown 

IB Deal: 15% off all food.

Chicken Wings – The Rose Villa Tavern


IB Deal: 20% off food.

Fat Naans – The Indian Brewery

Photo: Brum Food Diaries

IB Deal: 15% Off A Pint Or Can Of Birmingham Lager (anytime) OR 10% off food (Sunday – Thursday) [Snowhill Branch Only]

Tempura Halibut – The Oyster Club

IB Deal: 20% off the bill (Sunday – Thursday, lunch) OR 15% off the bill (Sunday – Thursday, dinner) – excluding caviar.

Nott Wings – Ba-Ha Vegan

Mixed Grill – Hen & Chickens

Sourdough Pizza – Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse

Cinnamon Bun French Toast – The Early Bird Bakery

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Full English – Gas Street Social


IB Deal: A FREE mule or socialite cocktail, craft beer or glass of house wine when purchasing a main meal.

Chicken Liver Parfait – Harborne Kitchen


IB Deal: Complimentary glass of sparkling wine with the Express 5 or Tasting menu (Thursday – Saturday, lunch) OR 10% off bar food (Thursday – Saturday, lunch).

Afternoon Tea – The Edgbaston

Fish And Chips With Curry Sauce – The English Indian


IB Deal: 50p off each street food dish at DDC.

Just Any Burger – The Original Patty Men


Cronuts – Medicine Bakery

IB Deal: 15% off all baked goods.

Pizza – The Dark Horse

IB Deal: 20% off food.

Crispy Chicken – Buddha Belly

Photo: Patty Master

IB Deal: 50p off each street food dish at DDC.

Seafood Linguine – Laghi’s Deli

Photo: The Gaztronome Photography

IB Deal: 10% off the bill (Monday – Thursday) AND 20% off takeaway pizzas.

Brownies – BAKE


Steak – Fiesta Del Asado


Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Fritter – Bloom


Sushi – Otoro Sushi

Burnt English Custard Egg Surprise 10/10/10 – Purnell’s Restaurant

IB Deal: 10% off the bill (Tuesday – Thursday)

Brunch – Saint Kitchen 

IB Deal: 10% off your bill.

Pick ‘N’ Mix Platter – The Sun On The Hill


IB Deal: 25% off all food.

Tacos – The Plough


IB Deal: 10% off food (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm).

Halloumi Fries – Street Chef

Photo: Jake’s Food Bible

IB Deal: 50p off every street food dish from all traders at Digbeth Dining Club

Eggs Gochujang with Bacon – Caneat

Pizza – Otto

ALL The Burgers – The Meat Shack (Every Single One Of Them!)

IB Deal: 10% off burgers.

Chicken Cubano – The Cuban Embassy

IB Deal: 2-4-1 on all cocktails and 2-4-1 on all coffees (Sunday – Thursday) 

Meat Platter – Buffalo And Rye


IB Deal: 15% off the bill (Sunday – Thursday).

Chicken Tinga Burrito – Habaneros

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Roast Beef Bap – The Loft

IB Deal: 25% off food.

Full Tasting Menu – Adam’s

IB Deal: 10% off the tasting menu ( Tuesday – Thursday).

Pimped Out Porridge – Morridge

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Malted Milk Fudge – Sweetmeat Inc.

IB Deal: buy two bags of fudge and get a third half price.

Fried Indomie – Ngopi

IB Deal: And Indomie and Kopi Susu for just £6 (instead of £7) OR 10% off the bill when you spend over £5.

Eggy Crumpets – Wayland’s Yard

IB Deal: 15% off the bill.

Tasting Menu – Carters Of Moseley

IB Deal: 10% off the bill (Tuesday – Thursday, dinner, and Friday lunch) with a complimentary glass of natural wine (per app/cardholder).

Meat And Cheese Platter – The Wolf


IB Deal: 15% off the bill.

Oreo Cheesecake Waffle – The Bournville Waffle Company


IB Deal: 50p off each street food dish at DDC.

Chocolates – The Chocolate Quarter


IB Deal: 5% off chocolate truffles (in store) and 7.5% off chocolate experiences (with 6 or more people).

Modern British Cuisine – Folium

ALL The Cheese – Anderson And Hill

Beijing Duck Bao – Chung Ying Central

IB Deal: 20% Off Food (Monday – Thursday).

Grilled Chicken Tikka Chaat – The Indian Streatery


IB Deal: 10% off the bill OR 2 cocktails for £9.

Chips With Curry Sauce – Purnell’s Bistro

IB Deal: 20% off food (Tuesday – Thursday) OR a complimentary glass of Prosecco (Friday – Monday) when you purchase a main meal.


Trio Of Dosa – Zindiya


IB Deal: 10% off the bill (Sunday – Thursday).

Sunday Lunch – 1000 Trades


IB Deal: 10% off drinks.

Seasonal Dishes – Little Blackwood

IB Deal: 10% off food (weekdays only).

Buttermilk Fried Chicken – The Mockingbird Cinema And Kitchen


IB Deal: 15% off food and drink when watching a film.

Caramelised Banana Cheesecake – Craft Dining Rooms

The Platter That Matters – Antep


This Full English Creation – Ju Ju’s Cafe (Who Thinks They Could Tackle It All By Themselves?)


IB Deal: 20% off food (Wednesday – Friday)

Bibimbap – Topokki


Scotch Egg – Purecraft Bar And Kitchen


IB Deal: 10% off flights of beer OR free ‘beer of the week’ when you purchase a main meal on a Sunday.

Bar Plates (Including Honey Glazed Chorizo and Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings) – Bar Opus

IB Deal: 4 bar plates for the price of 3.

The Sushi Ship – Sushi Passion

Dumplings – The Karczma

Veggie Full English Breakfast – Urban


IB Deal: Any medium hot drink and cake for £4.50.

Mixed Meze – Damascena


Wow! That was one tasty article. Now all that’s left for you to do is get out there and eat your way through the very best of Birmingham. We apologise to your waistlines and wallets in advance.

Napkins at the ready!

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