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The supermarket is dead. Long live the Greengrocer!

Okay, it might be a slight exaggeration to say that supermarkets are dead but there has been a movement lately towards alternative options. Where once the supermarket was pretty much the only option, now we are starting to see a return to previous times when butchers, grocers, greengrocers and newsagents lined our high streets. Whilst we’re not quite there yet, we’re enjoying seeing a few of these old style shops popping up but with a modern touch. We like the option of stepping into these shops in search of the best products and we like the friendly, more personal touch our local shops offer.

Introducing Borough & Fox.

Located on Kings Heath High Street, Borough & Fox is the independent greengrocer with a conscience.

At Borough & Fox, they’re more than just a shop. Yes, they provide a place to pick up and discover some of the freshest fruit and veg around, all sourced as locally as possible, of course. But, they’re also passionate about doing their bit for the planet too.

Reducing both food waste and plastic waste is at the heart of their ethos at Borough & Fox. In fact, trying to be as sustainable as possible is of great importance to them, so as well as reducing the unnecessary plastic packaging often seen at big supermarkets, they also aim to reduce food miles by sourcing and selecting products from local growers and producers, and stocking the very best, locally produced items possible. Not only this, but to help reduce food waste you are free to choose as much or as little to buy as possible. No unnecessarily large packets of an ingredient you only need a small amount of – you can choose and pay for exactly how much you need.

Borough & Fox is primarily a greengrocer, so naturally they stock all manner of delicious fruit and vegetables. From carrots and cabbages to plums and pears, they offer a wide range of fruit and veg, including a large range of unusual heritage potatoes.

It isn’t just your five-a-day that you can get here though, they also recognise the amazing products that are produced locally and using local ingredients and stock a range of these too. Whether its honey made from local hives, rape seed oil grown and pressed in Shropshire, handmade spicy sauces produced just around the corner in Kings Heath, or jams and pickles made using hand-picked produce from Herefordshire, you can find all manner of tasty foodie goodies here.

As well as their fully stocked shop in Kings Heath, they also offer a weekly delivery service with free delivery to all ‘B’ postcodes. Through this service you can enjoy a weekly fruit and veg box delivered directly to your door and packed with delicious, fresh, seasonal fruit and veg – perfect for re-stocking your fridge each week, and taking away the hassle of doing the shopping yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a new place to stock up on your greens (and other tasty local products) and you’re keen to reduce your food and plastic waste – hop on over to the fantastic Borough & Fox.

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