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The tasting menu. The chance for a chef to showcase their talents, techniques and training in a way that ultimately expresses what they’re all about.

The dishes often take weeks, months or even years of testing and tasting to arrive at the final dish you’re presented with when you dine. Each course is designed to highlight the ingredients and the culinary expertise. It’s a form of love, an artistic expression.

Introducing Restaurant Folium.

Located on Caroline Street (Jewellery Quarter), Restaurant Folium is a small, family-run restaurant offering you a menu of simple cooking, big flavours and the highest quality ingredients.

Tasting menus can take many forms. Whilst often elaborate and showstopping, they can also be simple, elegant and paired back. The latter doesn’t mean they are in any way lacking in flavour or depth, simply that they don’t need bells and whistles to please your palate.

Restaurant Folium is a wonderful example of a restaurant keeping it simple, but letting the amazing ingredients do the talking through their delicious dishes. At Restaurant Folium you can choose between the short or the long tasting menu. The dishes change regularly to reflect the seasons and keep things fresh, but the short menu will always have a selection of the dishes from the long menu, and whichever menu you choose you’ll be eating a selection of carefully thought out, lovingly cooked, modern British dishes.

True to their own style and ethos, the dishes (whilst stunning in their own right) are simple in appearance, letting the flavours and ingredients shine. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. The flavours are incredible and the simple presentation just highlights this even more. Flashy presentation isn’t needed when the dishes are elegant and utterly delicious.

At Restaurant Folium, they are passionate about using the very best ingredients, so they source them very carefully. The menus are created with ingredients from small scale farmers and sustainable and ethical independent fishermen from across the UK, and are chosen for their quality, sustainability and flavour. Treating these precious ingredients with the respect they deserve, the chefs use their expertise to truly showcase the beauty of the British Isles and these fabulous ingredients.

Both the short and long menus have an optional wine pairing, featuring hand-selected wines that pair perfectly with the dishes you will eat. Fear not, if you’re not a big drinker or just fancy an alternative, they have a great selection of drinks, including wines by the glass, locally-brewed beers and more, so you can choose something you like (or ask the knowledgable staff for recommendations if you don’t know what to go for).

The food does the talking at this brilliant little restaurant. With only 22 seats, this is an intimate place to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed and laid-back environment. The service is friendly and informed, the décor is minimal, modern and elegant, and the food is truly delicious. You could say that Restaurant Folium has the whole package.

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