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We could be shellfish and keep this place under wraps, but we had to let you in on the secret so you don’t get crabby. This place is a real catch.

Introducing Seafood City.

Located in The Arcadian, Seafood City is the new restaurant by the team behind Vietnamese Street Kitchen, serving up USA-inspired seafood boils.

Inspired by the ‘seafood boils’ made famous in Louisiana and the deep south of America, this restaurant is bringing a whole different take on seafood to the city. From the team behind the popular Vietnamese Street Kitchen, this exciting new restaurant promises something different for Birmingham.

The team have been working hard behind the scenes to develop this fun (and enjoyably messy) dining experience for their customers, making sure the flavours are spot on. The menu includes loads of seafood favourites and the best the sea has to offer, including: mussels, lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams and crawfish.

On the menu are a range of scrumptious starters, seafood platters, mouth-watering mains and more. Begin your feast with the likes of grilled scallops, crispy fried whitebait, lightly battered calamari or freshly shucked oysters and you know you’re already off to a winner. For the non-seafood fans there’s the option of chicken wings instead and for the indecisive there’s a mixed seafood platter featuring scallops, whitebait, fried fish and calamari with a sriracha mayo dip. Yum!

For the main event, the star of the show is obviously the seafood boil, but you also have the option of seafood grill and fried seafood too. Whichever size platter you choose, and whichever cooking method, they all come with a mix of king prawns, squid rings, fresh mussels, red roast potatoes, corn on the cob, and a sauce of your choice. Other mains options include fried battered cod, a chicken burger, chicken tenders, a crab and prawn burger, or lobster rolls (all served with side salad and fries), or golden crispy noodles served with your choice of mixed seafood or a whole fresh lobster. Nice!

If you have a sweet tooth and want to finish off with a dessert (and why wouldn’t you?) then they have you covered here too. End your meal with a choice of homemade coconut and strawberry cheesecake, homemade chocolate brownie, layered cake, or just some simple ice cream. Whichever you choose, it will be a sweet and satisfying end to a delicious meal.

The most fun thing about this dining experience is the fact that because it’s a little messy, they provide you with gloves and a bib to protect you from too many spills. We love a hands-on dining experience but not everyone likes to get fully stuck in, so this is a great way of making sure everyone thoroughly enjoys this experience. Plus, it looks fun for your insta feed.

The drinks menu at Seafood City is packed with lots of refreshing and delicious options, with something for everyone. Their house cocktails (and mocktails) are designed to be refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to your meal. With the likes of piña colada, grapefruit margarita, peach mai tai, passionfruit martini and loads more to choose from, there are some mouth-watering tropical flavours on the menu. Alternatively choose from their selection of beers, wines and soft drinks, or opt for one of their super refreshing homemade lemonades.

The interior at Seafood City is bright and colourful, making this a fun place to enjoy some casual (but very tasty) dining. The blue and red chairs and bright, seafood themed artwork (featuring the brand logo: Larry The Lobster) compliment the fun, vibrant flavours of the food and make this an enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat.

If you love seafood or just fancy a fun, hands-on, foodie feast then make sure you visit this fantastic restaurant. Birmingham, it’s time to get ‘down and dirty’.

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