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Whether you just need that first caffeine fix to wake you up before you head out of the door in the morning, or you’re obsessed with finding the newest and most exciting beans around, there’s no doubt coffee is a big part of our lives.

Granted, not everyone likes coffee (although we’re not quite sure what’s wrong with those who don’t?!) but for those of us who do, that first sip of a fantastic cup of wake-up-juice is the most glorious thing in a morning. But whatever level of coffee lover you are, from newbie to veteran, there are lots of excellent places to grab a cup in the city. We’re here to tell you about one such place. A true hidden gem, a coffee lover’s paradise.

Introducing The Coffee Bar.

Located on the top floor of the Oasis Markets, The Coffee Bar is the coffee geeks’ hangout of choice.

Don’t be fooled by its size. Though it may be small in stature, this coffee shop is a giant when it comes to quality coffee. Tucked away in the Oasis Markets (surrounded by quirky stores and rich history), The Coffee Bar is a coffee shop worth the trip off the beaten path.

At The Coffee Bar they are truly passionate about coffee and eager to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience to enthralled revellers visiting in search of their caffeine fix. They are continually looking for new ways to engage their customers (and themselves) with coffee and are committed to striving for excellence.

With an emphasis on quality and sustainability, The Coffee Bar only brews ethically sourced coffee and only buys from micro-roasters. They are committed to sourcing the most interesting coffees from across the globe, alongside introducing sustainable brewing methods and embracing their environmental responsibilities. They are passionate about bringing the best flavours and unique characteristics of coffee to the consumer whilst also paying tribute to the farmers and producers without whom it wouldn’t be possible.

This is a place to geek out on all things coffee related and the staff take pride in their coffee knowledge. Whether you want to learn more about the beans themselves or the brewing methods, you only have to ask and they will be more than happy to engage in coffee conversations. In fact, if you’re fascinated by coffee and want to learn more, you can even book a special experience where you can witness the 1941 style Chemex brewing experience at your table, along with an explanation of the brewing method and a detailed experience of the flavour notes of the coffee.

You can enjoy your classic coffee options here as well as experimental brews. From BulletProof Coffee to Snickerdoodle lattes, fresh honey and cinnamon lattes to peanut butter iced drinks, there are loads of exciting drinks to be sampled. All of their coffees are made with interesting beans (both single origin and blends) including their house origin “Corporation St” from Brazil.

If coffee isn’t your thing they have a selection of teas and hot chocolates too. To accompany your chosen beverage you can grab one of the artisan cakes they stock (think cookies, brownies and award-winning pastel de natas). With different cakes and bakes available each day, including vegan options, there’s plenty of choice for your treat.

Whether you’re popping in for a quick coffee on the go or you’re keen to learn more about your coffee, you’ll have a wonderful experience visiting The Coffee Bar.

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