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Located on Bennett’s Hill (a stone’s throw away from Victoria Square), The Sun on the Hill is a quintessential British boozer with a twist.

Whilst you’ll find no fancy cocktails being served up here in their long glasses with various food-stuffs garnishing the rim, what you will find is an authentic pub atmosphere in which you can just hang out with your friends, listen to music, enjoy a cold pint of cask ale or a nice glass of wine and socialise with an eclectic array of like-minded fellows in a vibrant, bustling environment.

Upon entering The Sun on the Hill you’re immediately transported into a classic local pub, with hardwood floors and wooden tables dominating the central area and booth seating off to the side – normal, to all outward appearances. However, it’s once you’ve taken a real look around that you start to notice the individual quirks that set The Sun on the Hill apart from the other generic pubs. Above the bar hang stylish vintage mirrors and funky wallpaper adorns the walls, with wonderful hanging light fixtures aiding to set this pub apart from the rest. However, one of the most fun and intriguing aspects of The Sun on the Hill is its resident fish, Lt. Shinysides, housed in his very own tank behind the bar – a firm favourite to the core following of loyal regulars and new comers alike (and often subjected to drunken ramblings from those who reach the requisite level of intoxication to be able to converse with marine animals!).

From 6pm onwards, both Friday and Saturday night, The Sun on the Hill unveils their resident DJs, transforming the usually laid-back pub environment into a vibrant and bustling atmosphere jam packed with revellers drinking and dancing until the early hours of the morning. In addition to this, not only is The Sun on the Hill perfect for enjoying a few drinks with your friends after work (and long into the night), the venue also hosts live acoustic sessions by local musicians every Sunday afternoon, giving patrons one last chance to enjoy the weekend before it’s back to work on a Monday.

A major part of being a pub nowadays is, of course, pub lunches – and nothing quite beats that feeling of sitting down with your friends and feasting upon on a hearty burger and chips, or chowing down on a delicious hot dog, whilst quenching your thirst with a quirky cask ale – the perfect afternoon! Indeed, The Sun on the Hill offers a diverse (and mouth-watering!) range of traditional home-made pub food, all served up within a laid-back, classic British pub environment.

The Sun on the Hill has something for all tastes and preferences – so long as your tastes and preferences solely revolve around awesome pub food! A breakfast menu is also available to all the breakfast enthusiasts out there (and a Full English is the perfect way to cure last night’s hangover, before working on the next one).

So, if you like the sound of a laid-back pub lunch accompanied with a nice cold beer or a glass of wine, or you’re looking for somewhere to hang out with your friends after work and celebrate the weekend, then head on down to The Sun on the Hill.

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