There’s no denying it: Veganism is on the rise.

As many individuals look to change their lifestyles to improve their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet, eating a vegan diet (or at least reducing your intake of animal products) is something that many people across the country are starting to take an interest in. With the encouragement of “Veganuary” and “Meat-free Monday”, a once carnivorous nation is starting to turn to plant-based options with increasing regularity. And with demand comes supply – leading to a boom of plant-based options and solely veggie and vegan places offering more exciting and adventurous options, where once the only choices were plain, boring salads. It’s a great time to be a vegan foodie, so we’ve rounded up the very best places in Birmingham to grab a seriously delicious plant-based bite to eat. Read on for our Ultimate Vegan Foodie Guide.

Disclaimer: Most restaurants, coffee shops etc. offer at least one vegan option, but this article is designed to showcase the very best and most varied vegan offerings. We have highlighted those who are solely or predominantly vegan and veggie, as well as those with dedicated vegan menus or brilliant plant-based options. There will be many more places in the city where you can grab something plant-based, but we couldn’t include them all. Missed off your favourite? Get in touch to let us know!

Note: Whilst many businesses have now reopened, some are yet to do so. Social distancing is still in place and very important, please check each individual business’ website for their up-to-date opening times and safety measures prior to visiting. Some businesses may require you to make a booking in advance.

Medicine Bakery + Gallery

In Summary: Beautiful, city centre-based coffee shop, cafe and bakery.

What To Expect: This magnificent coffee shop is situated in a beautiful, historic building. Specialising in artisan breads, cakes and other baked goods, baked daily in their off-site bakery, they also serve brunch of epic proportions. They have loads of vegan options on their menu including homemade falafel sandwich, buddha bowl, vegan sausage roll and plenty more. This wonderful city centre coffee shop is serving some of the most delicious brunch in the city. Go check them out.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, cakes, baked goods, groups.

IB Deal: 10% off baked goods.


In Summary: Vegetarian and vegan casual fine-dining restaurant.

What To Expect: This vegan and vegetarian restaurant is pushing the boundaries of fine-dining cuisine with their plant-focussed menus. Inspired by the land, their menus are developed to highlight the very best ingredients available at the time. Proving that veggie and vegan doesn’t have to mean boring and that plant-based cooking can be creative and interesting, this restaurant is doing amazing things for the veggie and vegan scene in Brum. Vegan or not, head here for a delicious, plant-based taste experience that you won’t forget.

Good For: Date night, lunch, dinner, fine dining.

IB Deal: 10% off food (please mention your IB App upon booking)

Cherry Reds

In Summary: Quirky, laid-back cafe and bar.

What To Expect: This perennial favourite has been delighting customers with their comfort food and laid-back atmosphere since they opened (a good number of years ago). A testament to their simple yet delicious, homemade food and friendly service, this cafe has remained a popular venue for so many locals and visitors alike. They have a wide range of vegan options available from their Hearty Vegan breakfast to their vegan pancakes, vegan cakes and their vegan fish and chips. With tons more options to choose from, this is a brilliant place to grab a bite to eat.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, cake, casual date, casual dining.

IB Deal: A free pint of cask ale, lager, cider or draught soft drink with your main meal.


In Summary: Indian street food style eatery.

What To Expect: Zindiya are well-known for their delicious Indian street food style dishes, served in their colourful, laid-back eatery. Alongside their main menu, they have a whole vegan menu packed with plant-based dishes such as Vada Pav (their take on a vegan burger) and their trio of Dosa (South Indian savoury pancakes), along with sides such as okra fries, aubergine fritters and onion bhajis. Proving that plant-based doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, drinks, casual date.

IB Deal: 20% off the bill (Tuesday – Thursday).

Wayland’s Yard

In Summary: Coffee shop known for their amazing brunch dishes.

What To Expect: This wonderful coffee shop has become well-known throughout Birmingham for their excellent brunch offering. Whilst the menu isn’t solely vegan, they do have a couple of rather excellent vegan options to choose between. From their mushroom and avo smash to their vegan one pan hash, there are some truly delightful dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, casual date.

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Baked In Brick

In Summary: Restaurant serving pizza and small plates, based in the Custard Factory.

What To Expect: Baked In Brick started life as a multi-award winning street food trader, before setting up their very own restaurant in Digbeth. Specialising in epic wood-fired pizzas (of which there are a couple of tasty vegan options), this restaurant also offers some small plates and street food style dishes. Look out for their daily specials, and don’t forget their legendary Sunday roasts too.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, families, groups, casual dining.

IB Deal: 15% off the bill.

Tiger Bites Pig

In Summary: Small restaurant serving epic bao buns and rice bowls.

What To Expect: If you’ve followed IB for a while, you’ll know that we’re massive fans of Tiger Bites Pig. Their bao buns are the best in the city and they really know how to pack some delicious flavours in. Luckily, you vegans don’t have to miss out on these delicious bites. Choose from their sesame and chilli tofu bao, salt and pepper tofu rice bowl or mapo tofu and woodland mushroom rice bowl and you’ll be one very happy bunny.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, grab-and-go, casual dining.

IB Deal: 10% off the bill when you spend £10 or more (Monday – Thursday).

Bodega Cantina

In Summary: South American-inspired bar and cantina.

What To Expect: This bar and restaurant is all about harnessing the South American spirit. Alongside their regular menu, Bodega Cantina have a solely vegan menu to make sure vegans don’t miss out on any of the fun. Enjoy everything from nachos to burritos and quesadillas without compromising on flavour. Make sure you call into Bodega at your earliest convenience to devour their tasty eats and get into the fiesta spirit.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, casual date, drinks, groups.

IB Deal: A FREE nacho platter to share when you and a friend each purchase a main dish (street food/large plates) from the menu (Sunday – Thursday).


In Summary: Vegetarian slice shop.

What To Expect: This purely vegetarian pizza joint serves up slices of 20” pizzas, New York City style. A great spot to dine in or to grab a quick and convenient lunch to go, this pizza place is all about the veggie life. They always have at least one vegan option, sometimes more, and they’re a great option for a casual lunch. Go grab a (damn tasty) slice of the action, now!

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, take-away, groups, families.

IB Deal: 15% off the bill.

The Village

In Summary: Neighbourhood pub serving comfort food.

What To Expect: Found in Moseley, The Village is a cosy yet contemporary pub with a focus on honest, homemade food. Their seasonal menu reflects the growing trends for veggie and vegan foods and includes a number of tasty options. Whether you fancy a quick sandwich at lunch, a hearty main for dinner or you fancy sharing a few plates with some friends, or even a vegan Sunday roast, there are plenty of plant-based options to keep your tummy and your taste buds happy.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, casual dining, casual date, families, groups, coffee.

IB Deal: 10% off food (Monday – Friday).

Plant and Pulse

In Summary: Sustainable food project offering good-for-you and good-for-the-planet food.

What To Expect: This vegan and vegetarian cafe has rapidly accrued a loyal band of followers, and for good reason. With deliciously fresh and nutritious options available for breakfast, lunch and those in-between times, this wonderful little foodie spot is a great place to grab yourself some food that’s sustainable, tasty and good for your body and mind. All their produce is seasonal, sourced from the UK and sustainably grown. Plus, the staff are mega friendly and always happy to answer any questions you have on veganism – great for those dipping their toes in the vegan pool.

Good For: Lunch, grab-and-go, health fix, breakfast, coffee, cake.

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Kitchen Garden Cafe

In Summary: Eco-conscious deli-cafe serving home-cooked food.

What to expect: This cosy, yet spacious, cafe feels as though you’ve just stepped into a country kitchen, and has a beautiful outdoor courtyard to enjoy in the warmer months. They aim to source their ingredients as locally and ethically as possible, and cater to all dietary requirements. This includes having lots of vegan options on the menu. They are known for their all-day breakfasts, so grab a vegan Full English and sit back and relax in this peaceful oasis. At night, the space is transformed into a live music venue.

Good for: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, live music, drinks.

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.


In Summary: Fast-casual Japanese dining experience for the whole family.

What To Expect: This fun and welcoming Japanese restaurant is all about speedy, tasty food. Serving all your Japanese favourites, they have a wide selection of vegan options available from miso soup and tempura vegetables to pumpkin katsu, yasai ramen and vegan sushi. A great place to grab a quick lunch or a casual dinner, their Japanese food will keep you coming back for more.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, families, groups, takeaway.

IB Deal: 20% off the bill.


Photo: Tam Bernard (IG: @brumfoodtography)

In Summary: Fast, fresh and tasty take-away lunch spot.

What To Expect: Fast, fresh and affordable take-away lunch options. Their self-service salad bar is packed full of flavourful options from pasta salads to falafel, and Cajun roasted sweet potato to tabbouleh, the majority of which are vegan. Mix and match to create your own perfect lunch box without the hassle. Look out for their delicious vegan wraps and kebabs too.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, grab-and-go, health fix.

IB Deal: A FREE pistachio baklava when you purchase any salad or regular/large wrap.


In Summary: Vegan street food regularly found on the festival circuit and doing kitchen take-overs.

What To Expect: Some of the most delicious vegan food to be found in the city is from BA-HA (look out for them doing pop-ups, kitchen take-overs and street food events across the city). Their Nott Wings are legendary (cauliflower “wings” for those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying them) as is their Bish and Chips (vegan “fish” made from banana blossom). Enjoy small plates with delicious drinks, or go for dinner and enjoy a more substantial dish such as their vegan lasagne. Whether you’re fully plant-based or not, the food is ridiculously tasty.

Good For: Small plates, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks, casual date.

Birmingham Brewing Company

In Summary: Vegan beers to be enjoyed in the taproom.

What To Expect: This local brewery has become well-known over the last few years for their excellent, locally-brewed beers. They only use the finest ingredients to produce the best taste and bring distinctive flavours to their beers. All of their beers are vegan and gluten free and can be enjoyed in their taproom on Fridays and Saturdays.

Good For: Craft beer, drinks, casual date, groups.

IB Deal: 10% off beer in the taproom + 10% off online purchases (see IB App for code)

Digbeth Dining Club

In Summary: Legendary street food haven.

What To Expect: If you haven’t heard of DDC then quite frankly, have you been living under a rock? They host the best street food traders around for you to feast on each weekend. Not all of the traders are vegan, but some of them are and they dish up some of the tastiest grub around. Even the non-vegan traders often have a vegan option too (like the unbelievably tasty vegan curry from Thai legends Buddha Belly – which we urge you to go try if you’re yet to do so).

Good For: Street food, casual dining, lunch, dinner.

The Clean Kilo

In Summary: Multi-award winning zero-waste supermarket.

What To Expect: This zero-waste supermarket has been making BIG waves ever since they opened their doors in June 2018. Stocking a range of unpackaged and plastic-free products, this is a fantastic place to stock up on all of the essentials without the unnecessary packaging (so you can cook your own vegan meals at home). If you’ve gone vegan for environmental reasons, or if you simply want to do your bit to help the environment, a trip here is a must.

Good For: Shopping, lifestyle products, unpackaged goods.

IB Deal: A choice of free zero waste gifts when you spend over £20 (see IB Profile for details).


In Summary: Health food cafe and coffee shop.

What To Expect: This coffee shop is all about healthy and nutritious foods. Focussing on healthy ingredients, and taking inspiration from world cuisines, they create feel-good food to keep you satisfied. Whilst not entirely vegan, they have lots of plant-based options to choose from and plant milks for your coffee too. Go check them out and tuck into some delicious food.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee.

IB Deal: A free hot drink with any brunch ordered.

The Warehouse Cafe

In Summary: Vegetarian and vegan cafe, bar and events space.

What To Expect: One of the best-known vegan and vegetarian joints in Brum, The Warehouse Cafe is somewhat of a trailblazer in the city’s veggie scene. Although they have changed ownership (and are now a worker-owned cafe and bar) they continue to offer amazing vegetarian and vegan food (including burgers, Buddha bowls, wraps and more), as well as vegan beers at their bar. They can also offer an event space for hire and can provide vegan catering for businesses too. If you’re yet to check them out, it’s a must.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, coffee, groups, families.


In Summary: Local favourite brunch spot, serving simple but ridiculously tasty food.

What To Expect: This wonderful neighbourhood cafe takes seasonal ingredients and turns them into really lovely dishes. From breakfast through to lunch and evening pop-ups, they have a good selection of vegan options on their menus, including plant milks for your coffee and vegan cakes and bakes. Their food is ridiculously tasty, and if you’re yet to visit, Caneat definitely needs to be on your radar.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, cake.

Eat Vietnam

In Summary: Insanely delicious Vietnamese food.

What To Expect: Eat Vietnam have burst onto Birmingham’s culinary scene with a bang, and rightly so. Their ridiculously tasty Vietnamese food is authentic, delicious, and will have you coming back again and again. Their menu changes daily, depending on the freshest ingredients they can get their hands on, but there are always a number of tasty vegan options available. From banana blossom coconut curry to shiitake noodle soup, and some tasty specials, this is a must for vegan foodies.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, casual date, take-away.

3 Three’s Coffee Lounge

In Summary: Coffee shop specialising in vegan and vegetarian food.

What To Expect: This fantastic coffee shop is the ideal place to grab a quick drink or a speedy lunch, or settle in and get some work done or catch up with a friend. Specialising in vegan and vegetarian food, they offer a range of light bites such as toasties, wraps, panini, sandwiches and their signature vegan hot dogs. All of their food, including their vegan cakes, is prepared in-house. They serve speciality coffee too. A wonderful spot for a vegan lunch.

Good For: Coffee, cake, brunch, lunch.

The Blue Piano

In Summary: South-East Asian restaurant with a beautiful garden.

What To Expect: This independent guest house and restaurant occupies a stunning Edwardian building and is blessed with an equally stunning garden. Inspired by owner Siew Kuan’s birthplace of Singapore, this restaurant specialises in South-East Asian cuisine and does it beautifully. They have a wide range of vegan options available, taking inspiration from the flavours of Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia, including their signature Singapore Carrot Cake.

Good For: Date night, live music, outdoor dining, drinks, lunch, dinner, casual dining, take-away.

Syriana Restaurant

In Summary: Home-cooked Middle Eastern food.

What To Expect: This Jewellery Quarter based restaurant offers customers the chance to enjoy delicious and authentic Syrian and Lebanese food. With nods to the Middle East throughout the décor and authentic Middle Eastern dishes on the menu, you can enjoy home-cooked food and a vibrant atmosphere. With lots of plant-based options on the menu from the hot and cold Mezze through to the vegan mains, there’s plenty of choice here. All made from quality, fresh ingredients, enjoy your chosen dishes with a traditional mint tea for an authentic taste.

Good For: Date night, lunch, dinner, casual dining, groups.

Zen Metro

In Summary: Award-winning Thai restaurant.

What To Expect: This award-winning Thai restaurant is well known throughout Birmingham for their fabulous Thai dishes and luckily for vegans they have an entire vegan menu. With plenty of choice on the plant-based menu, vegans are well catered for and can enjoy Thai favourites such as Spring Rolls, Red Curry, Green Curry and Pad Thai.

Good For: Date night, lunch, dinner, casual dining, groups.

Ju Ju’s Cafe

In Summary: Cosy, canal-side cafe.

What To Expect: This cosy, friendly cafe is all about that homely feel – from the home-cooked dishes to the welcoming and friendly service, you feel like part of the family. Although most dishes aren’t vegan, they do have some great vegan options – from vegan breakfasts and vegan pancakes, to chilli bean nachos and a tasty vegan curry. Proper comfort food on a plate.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, casual dining.

IB Deal: 20% off food (Wednesday – Friday).

Chung Ying Cantonese

Photo: (IG: @thegaztronomephotography)

In Summary: Chinese restaurant and bar serving mouth-watering Cantonese favourites.

What To Expect: This brilliant Chinese restaurant has a whole menu dedicated to catering for the vegans of Birmingham. Packed with plant-based options and vegan versions of favourite dishes, there’s lots of tasty choices. From dumplings and bao to a vegan “crispy aromatic duck” made with crispy tofu skin, there are lots of amazing dishes to get stuck into.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, take-away.

IB Deal: 20% off the bill (Monday – Thursday).


In Summary: Juice bar and health food shop.

What To Expect: U-Juice is all about the juice! Using the freshest ingredients, all of their juices and smoothies are made fresh to give you the very best raw, cold-pressed juices in the city. Tucked away in the Bullring Markets, they also serve acai bowls, dragon bowls, vegan snacks, fruit pots, salad boxes, and fresh green coconuts. They don’t add unnecessary ingredients, just all the good stuff your body needs. An absolute must if you love fresh, healthy foods and juices.

Good For: Juice, breakfast, lunch, health fix, grab-and-go.


In Summary: Middle Eastern-themed coffee shop and cafe.

What To Expect: This Middle Eastern-themed coffee shop is a local favourite for a reason. This cosy coffee shop offers up a whole host of tasty Middle Eastern dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as delicious coffee, tea and more. They have loads of vegan choices from hot breakfast meze and their falafel wrap, to tasty salads and more. If you’re yet to visit, we highly recommend you right that wrong immediately.

Good For: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks.

Earth’s Kitchen

In Summary: Vegan soul food cafe.

What To Expect: Previously based in Sutton Coldfield, this vegan and veggie soul food cafe is all about providing you with the tastiest vegan food around. In their new location in Digbeth, they serve delicious plant-based dishes, inspired by Caribbean flavours. From Jerk bites to superfood salads, and flavour-packed vegan curries, this is vegan food done the right way! They even do a vegan Sunday roast too. If you’re yet to visit, put them next on your list.

Good For: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, casual dining, cake.

Vegan Munch

In Summary: Plant-based restaurant serving vegan kebabs.

What To Expect: Ever feel like all your non-vegan friends are having takeaways and you feel like you’re missing out on that treat? Well, no longer! Vegan Munch are here to provide a vegan alternative to the classic takeaway. Expect plant-based Doner Kebabs and Shawarma, as well as tasty vegan sides and healthy salads, smoothies and juices too. Possibly the healthiest takeaway you’ll eat – but a damn tasty one too.

Good For: Takeaway, dinner, lunch, juices.

Falafel Munch

In Summary: Vegan health food bar.

What To Expect: Whilst being vegan doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy, naturally a lot of plant-based foods are very good for you. At Falafel Munch, they offer a range of tasty (but healthy) options that are all plant-based. Expect falafel wraps, salad boxes and more, and to wash it down choose from their wide selection of juices and smoothies for that added health boost. Five-a-day in one meal. Nice.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, health food, juices.


In Summary: Vegetarian and vegan Indian restaurant and sweet centre.

What To Expect: This family-run Indian restaurant gives diners an authentic taste of the varied South Indian cuisines. The restaurant is purely vegetarian and the majority of dishes on the menu are vegan-friendly too, giving everyone a chance to sample the wonderfully rich flavours of South Indian cuisines. They use fresh ingredients, and years of expertise to create delicious dishes to delight the tastebuds. With previous customers including Jamie Oliver – you know it has to be good.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, takeaway, casual dining, groups.

Cafe Soya

In Summary: Vietnamese and Chinese fusion restaurant, specialising in vegetarian food (especially mock meat dishes).

What To Expect: This casual dining spot offers a fusion of traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. They are well-known across Birmingham for catering to vegetarians and vegans with an extensive vegetarian menu. Pretty much anything on the veggie menu can be requested to be cooked without egg or dairy to make them vegan friendly. They offer a range of mock meat dishes, and you’re able to choose between mock fish, prawns, lamb, beef, duck and chicken. If mock meat isn’t your thing, don’t worry – they have plenty of veggie and tofu based dishes too. If you’ve been craving Chinese takeaway style dishes but worried they’re not vegan friendly – this is the place to go!

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, casual date.

Jojolapa Nepalese Bar and Kitchen

In Summary: Nepalese restaurant serving traditional Nepalese dishes.

What To Expect: This authentic Nepalese restaurant serves traditional dishes from Nepalese cuisine. Nepalese food is influenced by Chinese cuisine from the north and Indian cuisine from the south, to bring a delicious fusion of the two. Whilst not entirely veggie, Nepalese cuisine has lots of vegetarian elements, and the menu at Jojolapa features a number of tasty vegan options. Enjoy the traditional momo (a type of dumpling, filled with steamed vegetables), along with other vegan dishes.

Good For: Lunch, dinner, casual dining, groups, date night.


In Summary: Coffee shop serious about great coffee and brunch.

What To Expect: Urban is a legendary local coffee shop for a reason. They’re all about serving great coffee and delicious brunch to eager customers. They offer a range of milks for their coffees and they have lots of vegan options on their breakfast and brunch menus. So whether you’re going all in with a vegan Full English, or you fancy peanut butter and banana on sourdough toast, or a vegan sausage bap, there are lots of plant-based options to choose from. They’re also the home of the first bottomless brunch in the city – great for a boozy get together with friends.

Good For: Coffee, cake, breakfast, brunch, lunch, bottomless brunch, coffee date.

IB Deal: Any Medium Hot Drink And Cake For £4.50 (Church St. And JQ)

Attic Brew Co

In Summary: Micro-brewery serving vegan beers

What To Expect: Stirchley-based micro-brewery serving 100% vegan beers. They have a dedicated taproom (with outdoor seating), perfect for sinking a few delicious craft beers and soaking up the taproom vibes. Best of all, they’re dog friendly!

Good For: Craft beer, dog-friendly.

IB Deal: 25% Off All Take-Away Cans Purchased In The Taproom.

Rock And Roll Brewhouse

In Summary: 100% vegan microbrewery.

What To Expect: This Jewellery Quarter based microbrewery and taproom is 100% vegan. All of their beers are brewed on the premises and can be enjoyed in their bar on Friday and Saturday evenings. They have three handpulls featuring a regularly changing selection of their own beers (usually two pale and one dark, with seasonal specials and one-offs thrown into the mix). If you’re a craft beer fan then head here to enjoy some tasty beers.

Good For: Craft Beer.


In Summary: City centre-based speciality coffee shop.

What To Expect: This coffee shop is a firm favourite among caffeine aficionados, but it’s their collection of cakes and bakes that keep us going back for more (ok, the coffee too, but did we mention cake?). Baked in-house, lots of their homemade cakes are vegan, so you can have your cake and eat it (literally). Pop in to get your caffeine fix and satisfy your sweet tooth. Their vegan brownies are particularly good.

Good For: Coffee, cake.


In Summary: Casual, neighbourhood cafe serving honest food.

What To Expect: This cosy, neighbourhood cafe is all about good, honest food made from quality ingredients and served in a laid-back environment. They care about the planet and try to keep their waste to a minimum. Whilst their popular all-day brunch menu isn’t entirely veggie and vegan, there are lots of vegan options to choose from, including the supergreen smoothie bowl, mushroom bruschetta, and Lebanese jackfruit bun.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee.

IB Deal: 10% off the bill.

Stickie Fingers

In Summary: Custard Factory-based pancake and dessert shop.

What To Expect: Pancakes galore! Stickie Fingers is all about serving up delicious homemade pancakes every which way, and the good news is they have lots of vegan options too. Whether you prefer things sweet or savoury, there’s a pancake for you! Try the savoury crepe (with avocado, chilli, onion and spinach) for something umami, or go for something sweeter with a stack of American pancakes with blueberries and topped with berries. They also make their own raw, cold-pressed juices and smoothies too.

Good For: Breakfast, brunch, lunch, sweet treat, juices.

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