Opus Restaurant

 10% off the bill (Monday-Friday)

Great Britain. Renowned for it’s magnificent beef, it’s glorious mutton and costal catches of the day. British cuisine has always been about allowing simplistic flavours to reign supreme in a...



 10% off the bill

Greece, a beautiful country renowned for its ancient heroes, its revered philosophers, its sunny beaches and, of course, it’s delicious food. Indeed, how do you think the titans did battle...


Quarter Horse Coffee

 10% off the bill OR £1 off freshly roasted bags of coffee

Rumours have been swapped in hushed voices, softly spoken with a glint in the eye, for a new coffee shop has emerged in our fair city. A new kid on...


Purecraft Bar And Kitchen

 10% off flights of beer OR a free bottle of the 'beer of the week' when you purchase a main meal on a Sunday

Beer – that sweet and glorious ambrosial nectar. Ever stalwart and comforting after a long day at work and the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday afternoons. Best friend to some,...


The Workshop Below

 10% off purchases

  We know that often home improvements can be a dull affair. You’d rather be doing anything (literally anything) other than spending your free time and every weekend scrubbing tiles...


The Plough

 10% off food, 8am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)

Sunday Lunch, the most glorious of Great British pastimes. A time for family to get together (no matter how busy their individual weeks have been) and spend some quality time...


The Eight Foot Grocer

 10% off the everyday menu and coffee/tea

  It’s a rare occurrence nowadays to walk down the road to your local grocers, be greeted with a smile by the owner and a ‘good morning to you’ and...


Boo Boo Coffee

 10% off the bill

Coffee. For some it is a passion and a way of life, where a day spent without sipping on bold flavours and revelling in smooth textures is a day wasted...


The New Inn

 20% off food (Monday-Friday)

With Christmas officially over and with it dreams of stuffing our faces with whatever passes before our eyes and quaffing mulled wine at any given hour of the day (all...


BLOC Hotel

 15% off the best available rate

“Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages” – Terry Pratchett. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for the soul and waking...


Chung Ying Central

 10% off the bill

  Having begun life as a simple accompaniment to the tea served bustling tea houses along the ancient Silk Road in South China, Dim Sum has since then transformed from...


All Greek

 10% off all produce

  Greece. Once a land of mythological beasts roaming dark labyrinths, ancient heroes setting sail to save the ones they love, renowned philosophers delving into the mysteries of the universe,...


The Prince Of Wales

 £1 off cocktails at the Mo-Tiki bar AND 30p off cask ales (Sunday-Thursday)

  Rumour reached us of a beer garden infamous throughout the realms of Birmingham, an institution where witnessing your drink being set alight by the wild shenanigans of fire-crazed barmen...


The Electric

 Concessionary rate tickets (savings of £3 or more per ticket) for screenings and events [including National Theatre Live] (Sun-Thurs)

  Are you watching closely? The cinema, the stuff that dreams are made of. Whether you’re a small child off to see the latest Walt Disney animation with your parents...


The Barber House

 10% off all services

With countless images of successful looking clean-cut men dressed in suits and bearded fashionistas breaking free from the shackles of society’s norms bombarding us on daily basis, be it on...



 10% off the tasting menu (Tuesday-Thursday)

“My aim is not to baffle, but to excite and enthuse guests with the accurate cooking of quality ingredients” – Adam Stokes. Introducing Adam’s – where fine dining will never be...


Ju Ju’s Cafe

 A free glass of wine or a soft drink with your meal

Over the decades comfort food has become somewhat of a cult movement in England, with hordes of heart-warming fish and chips with mushy peas and deliciously moreish cottage pies being...


The Jekyll and Hyde

 20% off food (Monday-Thursday)

  A famous King once said to begin at the beginning – and so, bowing to his wisdom, we begin our tale. One chilly autumn evening word reached us through...


Hare and Hounds

 Selected bottles of wine for £10 and selected beers for £3 (Sunday-Thursday) AND an exclusive monthly IB ticket offer

Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favourite band? You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts,...



 20% off the bill (Sunday-Thursday)

  Well renowned for the veritable horde of curry houses sprawled far and wide throughout the city, over the past decades Birmingham has firmly established itself as a true Mecca...


Digbeth Dining Club

 50p off each street food dish at all vendors

  Street-food. Whether it’s glistening racks of slow-cooked BBQ ribs, juicy Caribbean seafood chargrilled to perfection or magnificent burgers of epic proportions, over the last year street-food has suddenly exploded...



 Massages for £30 (Moseley store only) and 10% off all gifts and jewellery (both stores)

The ancient and mysterious teachings of Zen is a school of Buddhism which denotes that all of our minds, from the very beginning of time itself, are fully enlightened and...


Java Lounge

 A free refill when you purchase any single origin filter coffee

  “The voodoo priest and all his powders were as nothing compared to espresso, cappuccino, and mocha, which are stronger than all the religions of the world combined, and perhaps...


The Dark Horse

 30p off any beer from the craft beer Tower

It was a dark day for all when Moseley’s pizza fanatics were hit hard by the news that the fabulous Mo Dough was no more, a shining beacon of light...